Grace. Just 5 short letters, and yet such a big word. I do not mean elegance or beauty; I mean something so much more. I mean as says:

mercy; clemency; pardon:

He was saved by an act of grace from the governor.

Synonyms: lenityleniencyreprieve.”

I saw a meme on Facebook last night that inspired me to write about this. Well, honestly, it was more than the meme. It’s been completely relevant to my life lately. The meme said “Philosophy: In the end, it all comes down to one word. Grace.”

Grace. Mercy. Shown favor. Leniency.

We all need a little grace in our lives. Sometimes, we require a little more grace than other times. This is true for everyone.

Have you ever been driving in traffic and someone else makes a mistake or they cut you off or do some other action that makes you angry and you’re tempted to shake a fist (or worse) at them? Well, I’m asking you to have some grace. We all go through hard stuff and many of those around us have no way of knowing when that is true for us. I accidentally cut someone off the other day. I cringed thinking about how that person would react not knowing that I’ve been having a really tough time and have a lot on my plate. That person had no way of knowing that this month has been excruciating for me, that I’ve cried thousands of tears, or that I’m standing on rocky ground. He had no way of knowing how much impact it would have on me if he were to react negatively. Thankfully, that person did nothing. No profanity, no bird flipped, nothing. He showed me some mercy, and I needed it.

While I have been in a state lately of needing much grace, I’ve also recently been reminded that I need to give the same of others. I realize that I am not the only person having a tough time lately. As much as we need to soak up grace for ourselves, we need to give it freely to others as well. When you have that friend that seems to be extra cranky, don’t get cranky back. When you have that coworker that is on your nerves, remember that that person in human too and also in need of grace.

We are all busy. We all have stress. We all have commitments and responsibilities that have to be tended to even when we don’t feel like it. Have some mercy when you feel someone around you falls short. Grace is a beautiful thing, and we should share it freely.

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